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Sodalite Necklace 1




Sodalite improves intuition, creativity, and analytical skills as powers of observation. It can increase your capacity to be an impartial observer of your internal process. Sodalite is a stone that brings order and calmness to the mind. It promotes emotional balance, eases insomnia, and calms panic attacks. It improves self-acceptance and encourages one to gently let go of their insecurities and embrace who they are. It restores one’s confidence in their unique talents and enhances creativity and imagination. Place Sodalite in a group setting to promote harmony and cooperation.

Chakra: Third Eye and Throat

Element: Air

Birthstone: December

Zodiac: Virgo and Sagittarius

Planet: Moon


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additional information

Sodalite Wire Wrapped Necklace, gold wire, on gold chain, hand made by Sara at Poppy’s Apothecary. Tree of Life design.